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Cover Reveal The Renaissance Club by Rachel Dacus

The Renaissance Club
Rachel Dacus

Fiery Seas Publishing

January 16, 2018

Genre: Time Travel Romance

May Gold, college adjunct, often dreams about the subject of her master’s thesis - Gianlorenzo Bernini. In her fantasies she’s in his arms, the wildly adored partner of the man who invented the Baroque.

But in reality, May has just landed in Rome with her teaching colleagues and older boyfriend who is paying her way. She yearns to unleash her passion and creative spirit, and when the floor under the gilded dome of St Peter’s basilica rocks under her feet, she gets her chance. Walking through the veil that appears, she finds herself in the year 1624, staring straight into Bernini’s eyes. Their immediate and powerful attraction grows throughout May’s tour of Italy. And as she continues to meet her ethereal partner, even for brief snatches of time, her creativity and confidence blossom. All the doorways to happiness seem blocked for May-all except the shimmering doorway to Bernini’s world.

May has to choose: stay in her safe but stagnant existence, or take a risk. Will May’s adventure in time ruin her life or lead to a magical new one?

About the Author:

Rachel Dacus is the daughter of a bipolar rocket engineer who blew up a number of missiles during the race-to-space 1950’s. He was also an accomplished painter. Rachel studied at UC Berkeley and has remained in the San Francisco area. Her most recent book, Gods of Water and Air, combines poetry, prose, and a short play on the afterlife of dogs. Other poetry books are Earth Lessons and Femme au Chapeau.

Her interest in Italy was ignited by a course and tour on the Italian Renaissance. She’s been hooked on Italy ever since. Her essay “Venice and the Passion to Nurture” was anthologized in Italy, A Love Story: Women Write About the Italian Experience. When not writing, she raises funds for nonprofit causes and takes walks with her Silky Terrier. She blogs at Rocket Kid Writing.

Inspiration, Motivation, Passion: Why I Write - Delightfully Witchy by Acacia K. Parker

If you ask most authors why they write, you'll probably get a basic idea with just a few simple phrases like "I love telling stories", or "It's been my passion since I was a kid," or even "I want to inspire people". For most of us, it's usually a quick answer, one meant to give you something substantial enough to appease your question before moving onto something else. I know I do this - though I have to admit, I don't honestly get asked this question often. If I were to answer it truthfully, in the sense of opening my heart to another to show them all of me, I think my answer would be this:

I write because I love getting lost in the worlds in my head, simply because sometimes these worlds are more forgiving than the real one I live in. Much like when I dive into a good book, writing allows me the chance to be free of the stresses, worries, and fears I have, and gives me a chance to let loose in a way I could never have fathomed. It lets me live a thousand different lives in a thousand different places, and all I have to do is walk into my office, turn on Spotify, and let it happen. While the effort is there, once I'm able to give myself that opportunity to let loose, I'm able to let the walls of my own world fade from vision and fall into a new one, a fresh character, often flawed and imperfect, but capable of amazing feats.

There are days these worlds and characters come easier to me than others - and there is nothing more frustrating than having these characters speak to you in your head with no place to go. Sometimes walking away, taking that break, is the only way to get back into it, even if the voices don't stop while I do. 

Still, at some point or another, I always find myself back at my desk, staring at a computer screen and getting lost once again - sometimes for an hour, sometimes days, sometimes even weeks at a time. 

And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Delightfully Witchy
A Delightfully Witchy Novel
Book One
Acacia K. Parker

Genre: Paranormal Romance /
Action and Adventure

Publisher: Parker Publishing

Date of Publication: 9/14/2017

ISBN: 978-0-9989444-4-9

Number of pages: 417
Word Count: 135,000

Cover Artist: Acacia K. Parker

Tagline: Not everyone is good at being a witch.

Book Description:

Looking for true love? Having dreams you need to recall more clearly? How about that pesky curse that just won’t go away? Let Delightfully Witchy Herbal Shop conjure up the perfect charm for you!

Meet Emerson Harper—herbalist, shop owner, witch—exceptional at the first two, not so much on the last. She finds there are perks to living a quiet life, especially when those perks involve Lincoln Summers walking into her shop asking for a rare Stone. Powerful, wealthy, and famous, she finds it hard to resist selling him what he seeks when those dazzling blue eyes of his linger a little too long.

What Lincoln failed to mention, however, is someone evil is looking for the Stone; a witch who now has Emmie in his sights. Luckily, Emmie made more of an impression on the sexy stranger than she realized, and when he comes to her rescue she finds herself suddenly pulled into Lincoln’s world of dark magic and buried secrets.

In the fight to reclaim their lives—and save the world from a deranged witch hell-bent on destruction—Emmie is thrust into a journey of mystery, peril, and self-discovery, only to learn that sometimes . . .

All magic needs is a little push.


I awoke screaming and scared, feeling like I was locked in that trunk again, bound and unsure of the outcome. I was dazed. I knew I was awake, but it was still hard to tell what was real. I felt the mattress underneath me, and the clothes that smelled of spices and were faintly musky and sweaty. There was a light beside the bed I could turn on to show that I was perfectly safe. None of that mattered, though, because I was frantic, tears falling down my face, trying to get out of the confined space that had me caged in.
Someone was talking to me, calmly and evenly. Whoever it was grabbed my arms and lifted them, moving me so my back was to a chest, clearly not my sister’s. I yanked my arms to get free, but whoever had me was too strong, the voice continuing to speak, telling me I was all right, that I was safe, and there wasn’t anything to be worried about.
“Emmie, it’s just a dream, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Lincoln. It was Lincoln’s voice that finally trickled through, and I realized where I was. He had his arms wrapped around me, holding me still so I wouldn’t hurt myself—or him, for that matter. My head was somewhere near the crook of his neck as I craned it back, looking up at the black ceiling, its endless depths forbidding and ominous. Tears fell, my breathing was labored, and my heart raced. He never moved, even as my legs kicked the blankets away, hating myself for allowing this to happen.
When I finally got myself to calm down, Lincoln turned me and without a word pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist, listening to his heartbeat as it hammered violently in his chest. With his head resting on mine, I barely felt the stubble scratching at my forehead, abrasive but welcome.
“You scared me.” His voice was throaty, like he’d just woken up himself. “Are you okay?”
“I think so,” I managed to say, pulling back, noticing the light on the nightstand was on, dim in the darkness. “I’m so, so sorry. That was—”
“Expected . . . considering.” He shrugged, his hand on my shoulder as I wiped the tears off my face.
“I guess it’s a good thing I don’t sleep naked,” I giggled, trying to lighten the mood.
“I think that depends on who you’re asking.” He smirked.
And I blushed, of course. I was feeling all warm and cozy with his hand still on my shoulder and then I noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Good Lord. Trust me, it was everything I ever thought it would be. No, it was definitely better. He was perfect; chiseled chest, washboard abs, thick arms, and a dark line of hair leading from his belly button until it disappeared underneath his pajama pants. I’m pretty sure if I kept looking I was going to start drooling, literally, and that would be . . . just no. 
“What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing! It’s nothing.”
“It doesn’t look like nothing,” he said, raising his brows.
“It’s not important,” I answered nervously, biting my lower lip.
“Are you sure?”
“Yep.” I nodded. “I’m sure.”
“Ok.” He squeezed my shoulder lightly.

About the Author:

Acacia has been what some may call a "gypsy" for most of her life. With her father serving in the Air Force for twenty years, she's enjoyed many different homes in many different states, with a decent portion of her life lived overseas in Germany. Always one to be creative, she has been drawing since she could write, and writing has become a passion of hers since her teenage years where she discovered she loved telling stories and creating eccentric characters.

Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ with her husband Shawn and their two golden retrievers, Boomer and Sookie, the duo find any excuse to enjoy the weather (when it's permitted), and you can often find the them scuba diving (their favorite place is the Florida Keys), hiking, visiting one of the many beautiful lakes Arizona has to offer or finding winding, dirt roads to discover. Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games. A good chunk of Acacia's time is taken up to complete her Bachelors in Business Management at Grand Canyon University - although procrastination does ensue.

In her writing adventures, Acacia hopes that one day her stories may inspire others to follow their dreams - no matter how crazy they may seem.

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Companion Books, Music and Movies for The Night of Elisa by Isis Sousa

7 Entertainment tips for The Night of Elisa readers: books, films and music

You want to read or have read The Night of Elisa because you are attracted to all that is dark, spooky and sad. You are a romantic, a dreamer, have eyes for the peculiar and a fetish for the Victorian Era. Here, my darling, are my recommendations for you:

#1 Book – Bram Stoker’s Dracula: This s the father of vampire books and one of the absolute Gothic classics. The original story has scared the hearts of readers back in the late Victorian Era when it was published. It is also a great influence for my characters, not only in TNOE but also other of my books.

#2 Book – Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: If Dracula is the Father of Vampires, Carmilla is the mother. The female vampire was the protagonist of the story and an icon, an inspiration for the female vampires of modern times. It is said to be a direct influence on the work of Bram Stoker. See some interesting facts on the Wikipedia page.

#3 Book – The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe: Poe have become a pop icon with the Gothic and Dark Literature, through his poems and short stories. They had an atmosphere of the dark and supernatural, a connection to death and spirituality and the occult.

#4 TV Series – Penny Dreadful: One of my favourite series of all times, this one has as the main characters from classic Gothic Books such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, all reinvented in a clever plot, where we have a taste of the Victorian Era, blood, mystery and other macabre things.

#5 Film – Bram Stoker’s Dracula: If you haven’t watched this movie, I urge you to do so!!! James V Hart wrote the screenplay, doing what Stoker couldn’t; transforming this formidable story of mystery into the ultimate tale of love and sacrifice that survives through time. The characterization and costumes are breathtaking.

#6 Music – Blutengel, Monument: Gothic Eletronic music in its finest! Frontman and vampire Chris Pohl and Co. bring to you music that will shake the darkness in your soul. Dancing tunes and beautiful ballads make this album a classic, a must have for those who appreciate great music. You can see the video for one of my favourite songs here:

#7 Music – Within Temptation, The Silent Force: If you don’t like electronic music, this symphonic/gothic metal band will fill your ears with beauty. Sharon den Adel’s vocals are mesmerizing, as is her presence on stage. This album is calm and melancholic, like Elisa, the protagonist of my story. You can see the video for one of my favourite songs here:

Thank you so much for reading this list and I hope you enjoy the recommendations!

The Night of Elisa
Illustrated Gothic Novel
Book One
Isis Sousa

Genre: Gothic, Paranormal, Horror

Publisher: Tragic Books

Date of Publication: February 2016

ISBN: 9781519169945
ISBN: 9781367510418

Number of pages: 220
Word Count: 60k words + illustrations

Cover Artist: Isis Sousa

~ The Corpse Bride meets Penny Dreadful ~

Book Description:

"Sometimes, life and love can follow the most obscure paths, just as they did for Elisa."

Her life becomes a dark, cold, lonely cage the day the devil takes her as his wife. He robs her of almost everything she holds dear: her health, her wealth and what is left of her family.

Trapped between the nuances of life and beyond-life, Elisa finds herself struggling for a better tomorrow. With her health deteriorating, how will she summon the courage and strength to stand her ground? And how far will she go in the pursuit of a dream?

Embark with Elisa on this puzzling Gothic adventure set in the late Victorian era, between the world of the Living and the picturesque, melancholic Duskland.


The Night of Elisa is first and furthermost Victorian Gothic, but can also fit within other genres such as Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery and Occult.

Parental guidance: for 16+ Contains blood, nudity and dark themes.

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Excerpt 2, chapter 1

As Leonhard felt the small hand holding his arm, he was filled with a kind of joy for the first time in decades. He didn’t want to remember the last time he had felt this way; parts of his dark past were locked.
‘Elisa’ was feeling reassured, at least for the moment. She and her new friend remained silent, but sometimes suspicious thoughts invaded their minds.
As they walked west, they heard feminine laughter in the distance. A conversation was taking place behind some bushes and the exciting tone awakened the couple’s curiosity. ‘Elisa’ reached closer to Leonhard’s ear, stretching her body to stand on her tiptoes, for he was a tall man. “I hear voices, sir! Sounds like two ladies are sharing some secrets!”
“I recognize those voices,” he whispered back, almost seduced by the sweet fragrance of her hair and skin. “They are my gardeners. Come, you shall see them!”
Leonhard guided her towards the voices. They approached two pretty, young girls sitting on the ground, cutting dahlias. The girls looked up at the couple curiously. They bowed to Leonhard and nodded to ‘Elisa’, who was shy and hid behind the protector she knew so little about. She gasped at the sight of the girls and gripped Leonhard’s arm tight. They are so seductive, she thought, envying the girls. Her heart sped up, as if it wanted to escape through her throat. She didn’t dare to speak, nor could she.
“So, who is this pretty young rose you’ve brought with you?” the girl on the left enquired.
“Is she going to stay in our garden?” the good-humored girl on the right asked, winking.
“She is my guest and is staying with us for an undefined time. Gerania, Iphigenia, we don’t know her name yet. I found her in the woods last evening and brought her here. It seems like she is suffering from some kind of memory loss, but I will help her as much and as long as I can. I am asking all in this house to welcome and serve her as well.” 
Leonhard bowed, kissing the ladies’ hands, gallant as usual. ‘Elisa’ grew jealous as she watched them. Gerania pinched ‘Elisa’s’ cheek and wished her welcome. ‘Elisa’ blushed with fear. Oh my! Why is this weird woman doing this to me?
“Don’t scare our guest, sister!” said Iphigenia, abruptly. “Where are your manners? Oh dear!”
“I am so sorry, my dear! I exceeded myself badly! I wish you a good stay in this house.” Gerania stared at ‘Elisa’ with a chilling smile.

Leonhard and ‘Elisa’ resumed their walk, leaving the sisters by themselves. The girls knelt on the ground again and talked about Leonhard’s new ‘friend’. They knew everybody in the village, except for this one. “She was so pretty, delicate, pure... This is bothering!” Gerania commented in a low voice. Her sister agreed. They soon went back to gardening and sharing their little secrets. The lady and the gentleman heard more laughter in the distance.

About the Author:

I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who writes on my free time. But with all the imagination I have running lose, there came some stories… And there came some books!

I am born and grown up in Brazil, however I live in Mid-Norway with my beloved husband, in a tiny valley surrounded by mountains and with very few neighbours.

When I’m not doing artwork and illustration for clients, I’m doing woodcarving, painting ornaments, painting artworks for myself, and so on. Love Arts, History, Heavy Metal and Dark things.

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Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
White Wolf
Book One
Terry Spear

Pub Date: October 3, 2017

May all your Christmas wolves be bright…

Romance writer Candice Mayfair never missed a deadline in her life—until the playful bite of a werewolf puppy accidentally turns her into an Arctic wolf shifter. Talk about a life-changing event! Candice is at the end of her rope with the unpredictable shifting, a strong desire to howl, and the need to vacuum constantly to keep the shedding fur under control.

Enter werewolf private investigator Owen Nottingham. Owen has a new mission: convince the pretty she-wolf she needs to join his pack in time for Christmas…and be his mate. It’s the only way he can think of to keep her safe…

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over sixty paranormal and medieval Highland romances. In 2008, Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Spring, Texas with two Havanese puppies.

An Excerpt from Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

Candice had been writing for two days straight, working on her publisher’s book deadline, when she wrote the ending, smiled, and set the book aside. She would start proofing it tomorrow after she’d given her brain a break. Now she’d do what she always did when she finished a book or reached a good stopping point in one. Clean house. Check her backlog of emails. Pick up some more groceries. And take a run on the wolf side. 

She finished vacuuming and dusting, swearing every window must let in all the outdoors, and then started a batch of gingerbread cookie cutouts to celebrate the Christmas holiday season and finishing another book. While they were baking, she finally settled down to check her emails. Fan mail always came first, and one from her website got her attention right off. She opened it and read: 

Hello, I’m Owen Nottingham, private investigator for White River Investigations, White River Falls, Minnesota. My client, Strom Hart, hired me to locate you. Your parents, John and Cynthia Hart, left you an inheritance, and you need to see the lawyer about it so you can claim it. I need to verify that you are the right woman first. Is there any way we could meet and get this taken care of so you can collect your inheritance? Strom Hart will be the one to receive it by the end of the month otherwise. His assistant, Jim Winchester, said Mr. Hart is your uncle. 

Candice reread the message, not believing her eyes, tears filling them. She quickly looked at the date of the message. Two days ago! She knew she shouldn’t have neglected her emails, but when she was into a story, she couldn’t break away. 

She ground her teeth, raised her fingers to respond, and heard a knocking at her door. No one came here. Never. Ever. Not even salesmen. 

She glanced at her phases-of-the moon calendar. The waxing gibbous was just beginning. She should be fine. Just to be on the safe side, in case the person at the door was trouble, she pulled a can of mace from her desk drawer and headed for the door. She peered through the peephole. Waiting at the door was a handsome black-haired man with rugged features and intense blue eyes. He was dressed in a black suit, a red shirt, and a dark-purple tie covered in red, purple, and gold Christmas balls. She raised her brows. 

“I’m Owen Nottingham,” he said to the door, holding up his PI license and driver’s license. He couldn’t know that she was watching him, so he must have hoped she was there, observing him. “I tried getting ahold of you through the contact form on your website about your inheritance. Your contact form might not be working, so I had to locate you in person.” 
So this was the man who had sent the message. Was he for real? He had to be. He wouldn’t have come all this way to see her if he wasn’t. But how had he found her? 

Candice opened the door, the bells jingling on her Christmas wreath, and the man glanced down at the can of mace in her hand. He smiled, his gaze holding hers with such intensity that it was as though he could see clear through to her soul. “Really, just a PI doing my job.” 

A chilly breeze carried his scent to her. Wolf scent. All at once, she felt so light-headed that she grabbed the door to keep herself upright and dropped the can of mace on the tile floor. It clattered, but she couldn’t have reached for it if her life depended on it. 

Oh. My. God. 

This couldn’t be real. He couldn’t be real. No wonder he’d been talking to the door. He must have heard her footfalls as she’d approached. 

He took a deep breath at the same time, and when he smelled her scent, his eyes widened in surprise. His hand shot out to grab her arm and steady her. For a minute, she tried to control her breathing and her heart rate, neither of which she could steady. She felt like she was going to pass out. 

“Hell, you’re the wolf I saw across the White River, aren’t you?” 

Her jaw dropped, and her knees buckled. He swept her up in his arms and she wanted to object, but he slammed the door behind him with his hip and carried her into the house. He was the wolf she’d seen across the river that day on the camping trip in Minnesota two years ago, sipping from the water? She still remembered it like it was yesterday. Him looking up and seeing her staring at him while she’d believed she was hallucinating.

Until the next night, and then she knew she hadn’t been dreaming at all.

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Twitter: @TerrySpear


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Goddess of the Wild Thing by Paul DeBlassie III

What do you do when you are not writing? 

I am also a psychotherapist, which I love. And, I love playing and walking and swimming with my granddaughter, Zoey J

Can you tell us, in your own words not the book description, a little about your book? 

Goddess of the Wild Thing looks at love and whether bad love is better than no love. People ache for love, and Goddess of the Wild Thing goes into the ache and how from that pain mysterious happenings lead to unexpected results.

Do you think you will have a follow up book to this novel or is it just a stand-alone novel? 

My visionary thrillers tie into one another as equal novels that share common magical themes, references to similar characters, and all take place in the mystic land of Aztlan.

Goddess of the Wild Thing
Paul DeBlassie III

Genre: Horror , Sci Fi and Fantasy

Book Description:

Goddess of the Wild Thing is a dramatic tale of one woman’s spiritual journey where magical happenings, unexpected turns of fate, and unseen forces influence her ability to love and be loved.

Eve Sanchez, a middle-aged woman and scholar of esoteric studies, encounters a seductive but frightening man who introduces her to a supernatural world in which the wicked powers of a surrogate mother’s twisted affection threaten love and life.

In the mystic realms of Aztlan del Sur, Eve and three friends struggle with whether bad love is better than no love and discover that love is a wild thing.

Excerpt II
Unending man dramas weren’t necessary to life and well-being. She was educated, had plenty of common sense, and was street-smart. Countless members of the male species spoke of her in hushed tones at the cantina, in university hallways, and at social events when friends and colleagues were relaxed and enjoying themselves during the cool, high-desert nights. The thought of hooking up with the most desirable of fantasy felines for the evening rippled through the undercurrent of verbal exchange. She should be able to attract the right kind of man, one who was kind and caring and didn’t bring tidal waves of emotional drama.
Eve had no time to waste. She needed the counsel of her trusted friend and spiritual guide. This turn of events was unlike any she’d ever encountered. It was violent and bloody and made her fear for her safety.
This new fellow had seemed genuine, courtly, romantic, and hot. He gave off a world-wise and street savvy vibe. There was a gentleness and sensitivity to him, more so than the typical single, middle-aged male on the lookout for female companionship and mind-blowing times.
However, she’d unwittingly found trouble and needed guidance from Graciéla, a seventy-eight-year-old wise woman, crone, and seer into confusing matters of the heart. Graciéla waited for Eve at the Sage Metaphysical Bookstore where she served as resident manager for an absentee owner. Even after an exhausting day of seeing one desperate soul after another, Graciéla agreed that Eve’s situation was critical. She’d stay late for a friend and frightened soul.
Eve had to park blocks from the store because lately, downtown had become a hub of clubs, theaters, and trendy restaurants appealing to a congestion of new money and hot times. Close-in parking was locked up by happy hour, so blocks away was her only choice. She caught herself looking nervously from side to side and down twilight-shadowed alleyways as she hurried along the cracked sidewalk. She felt safer along these edgy streets with Shirley by her side, a genuine person and mystic cohort.
“Eve, honey . . .” Shirley paused before going on.
Eve knew Shirley hesitated because she was trying to be conciliatory—not an easy talent for a hard-bitten woman.
The pause passed. “On the other hand, maybe if bad love is what we get, bad love is just what we take. If there’s something better, I’m in . . . just saying I’ve never seen it. Till I do, I for one gotta go with what I get.” Her look toughened. “It’s just not come my way, and I’m not holding a sure-to-turn-me-blue breath.” A tough attitude toward life, love, and men was her stock-in-trade.
Eve smiled a bit. She loved her friend and all her rough spots and edges. There were people who were mean but not nasty, malicious, or toxic. Shirley was hardened and mean but only when and if she needed to be.
Shirley’s hair floated a few inches away from her shoulders, static currents conjuring magic. Eve’s peripheral vision caught the streaks of what she imagined as a bonfire during a war dance. Shirley spoke from experience, a woman smitten by man potential going south quicker than a rattler hisses and bites.
Eve kept up her pace as she contemplated Shirley’s words. Settling for less than what she wanted was no good. It left her cold and empty. It was definitely no good. Plus, Shirley didn’t know the whole story, only that gloom about the prospect of men and love had descended, and Eve was taking it hard.
“Bad love’s a risk, Shirley. No good for me. If I need to cut this thing short, so be it. But I’d rather see it through. Maybe there’s a chance that the bad I’m afraid of isn’t there. Maybe I’m blowing it up into something it isn’t. Maybe there’s good and I’m thinking it’s bad. So if the good is down deep, real deep—I want to hold on and give it a chance.” Eve pondered the words as a light rain started up. Then she went on, “I need to hear what Graciéla has to say. I’d like to give things a chance. I’m not giving up unless there’s no way out of emotional dead-ends and never-ending heartache.”
Mists formed along the edges of the potholed asphalt and cracked sidewalks. They twisted and curled, arising out of a subterranean ether sphere. Usually, they arose during the early morning and hovered inches above the downtown park’s green expanse, hardly ever at night with its fading daytime desert heat, and hardly ever along the paved spaces. Darkness descended and pressed down like a heavy hand, edgy and ominous.

About the Author:

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist and award-winning writer living in his native New Mexico. He specializes in treating individuals in emotional and spiritual crisis. His novels, visionary thrillers, delve deep into archetypal realities as they play out dramatically in the lives of everyday people. Memberships include the Author’s Guild, the Depth Psychology Alliance, the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.

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Endless Night Vampire Ball Announced: Halloween Weekend, October 27th, 28th, & 29th in New Orleans

"The No. 1 Halloween party in the world" comes to New Orleans. Come and experience Endless Night's Vampire Ball Halloween Weekend on Oct. 27, 28, & 29.

Endless Night Vampire Ball Announced: Halloween Weekend, October 27th, 28th, & 29th in New Orleans New Orleans, LA, October 09, 2017 --( Endless Night Productions has announced its annual Vampire Ball will take place Halloween weekend, October 27th, 28th, & 29th at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Heralded as “The No. 1 Halloween party in the world” by TripAdvisor, the Ball will be hosted by Father Sebastiaan, a leading expert in the vampire subculture. The event can be described as “A Venetian masquerade ball meets a vampire court with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of a 19th century burlesque cabaret.”

Opening Ceremonies begin on Thursday, October 26th, where all ticket holders are invited to a meet and greet at Big Mama’s Lounge at the House of Blues where the opening ritual will be performed at midnight. Then it’s onto the New Orleans Vampire Court at the Voodoo Garden at the House of Blues on Friday, October 27th from Noon to 6pm where fellow vampires can mingle in the Vampire Courtyard, explore some of the unique vendors, and ticket holders can pre-register for entry into all of the events. Those wishing to get custom fitted fangs may do so at the New Orleans Vampire Court. Then, presents the Vampire Salon pre-party from 10pm to 4am at The Parish Room at the House of Blues, all in a big lead up to Saturday night’s Vampire Ball. On Saturday, October 28th, there is day two of the New Orleans Vampire Court at the Voodoo Garden from Noon to 6pm. Then it’s onto the main event, the Endless Night New Orleans Vampire Ball.

The night kicks off at 10pm when doors open. Dark wave band Cruxshadows takes the stage at 10:30pm. Multiple DJs keep the dance floors moving as guests explore the many rooms, bars, vendors, and vampire merch throughout the Victorian themed House of Blues. The night is filled with exotic performances and timeless characters, lavish gentleman and beguiling ladies. It is truly a carnival of darkness, bewitching to the soul.

Registration closes at Midnight and then the real fun begins, The Midnight Cirque. Cirque is a “Theatre of the Vampires” featuring select performers and Master of Ceremonies Jeffrey Damnit. Father Sebastiaan leads the crowd in “The Howl” followed by a musical act, a dance act, a ritual, and a best dressed contest. Afterwards, attendees will dance the night away with resident DJs V Christ and Angel. The festivities will continue until 4am.

Sunday, October 29th, concludes the eventful weekend with the Diamond Banquet at 7pm followed by the Masque Platinum VIP Soiree, “Temple of Bast” featuring Isibella Karnstein from at 9pm, both in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues.

A strict dress code is a centerpiece for the Endless Night Vampire Ball and contributes to the collective experience. There are three levels of dress which will be accepted at the Ball. Level 1: Black on Black, such as all black suit or cocktail dress, masques and fangs encouraged. Level 2: Motifs. Attendees are encouraged to get creative with themes such as vampire, baroque, Victorian, lupines, steampunk, pagan, Edwardian, kitten, etc. Formal vampire ware includes top hats, capes, cloaks, corsets, creative costumes, and Venetian masques. Level 3: Upper Echelon, imagine Venice Carnivale in New Orleans. The dress code will be strictly enforced. No streetwear, caps, sports jerseys, khakis, or blue jeans. No uniforms which depict neo-nazism or fascist symbolism.

All guests are expected to behave like ladies and gentlemen and personal boundaries are to be respected at all times.

Tickets for the Vampire Ball may be purchased on the Endless Night website at All attendees must be 21+ and have valid ID. Early bird and normal ticket rates have already sold out. Current ticket prices are: Gold $85, Platinum VIP $195, and Diamond VIP $500. All other tickets including VIP tables have already sold out so reserve your spot now.

For media inquiries, please contact: Stephen at